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Dental Clinic in Kaunas

Convenient access and car parking.  

Dental Clinic in Kaunas

Representative side of Clinic in winter.Convenient access and car parking. Welcome to our clinic! ...

Dental Clinic in Kaunas

Many years of dentistry experience allowed not only to raise the quality of services and introduce...

Dental Clinic in Kaunas

Welcome to our clinic!

Dental Clinic in Kaunas

The southern side of the clinic. Several additional elements of the facade distinguish the buildin...

Dental Clinic in Kaunas

The eastern side of the Dental Clinic Rooms for dental treatment, sterilization, waiting rooms an...

Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic Processus

Written by Administrator on Tuesday, 12 August 2008 16:50.

The new Dental Clinic “Processus” was opened in Kaunas, Šilainiai, in 2006; the exact address is Žiemgalių Street 3E, Kaunas, Lithuania (EU). Many years of dentistry experience allowed not only to raise the quality of services and introduce the highest level of dentistry achievements, but also to create good conditions for the staff. Great team of dental professionals has gathered in the clinic. Latest dental technology advances, new engineering solutions for heating, ventilation and air conditioning allow the dentist and the patient communicate under optimum conditions. Video and audio systems allow the patient to experience maximum comfort. Convenient access and car parking. Welcome to our clinic!

Advantages of screw implants

Written by Administrator on Wednesday, 18 May 2011 10:24.

Advantages of screw implants compared to other prosthesis techniques

  • Healthy teeth remain untouched.
  • 100% chewing efficiency is restored, which is not achievable by using other prosthesis techniques.
  • The other remained healthy teeth are protected from too heavy chewing load.
  • The maxillary bone is preserved – the implant helps avoiding its atrophy. Any organ of the body gets atrophied if it is not used. Dentures have a huge negative influence to the maxillary bone, which gets atrophied considerably faster in case of wearing dentures. That’s why implantation is more complicated after long wearing of dentures because of considerable horizontal and vertical bone atrophy.
  • Implants are not affected by decay; they may be used later for future prosthesis.

Disadvantages of dental implantation

  • Dental implantation is a treatment, which lasts longer than simple prosthesis, e.g. by bridges. Screwed into the healthy bone, implant must stay there for 2-4 months, and only then you can put a dental prosthesis on it. This time is necessary for the strong bonding between the implant and the bone.
  • This technique is relatively more expensive, but from the perspective view it saves your money because implant is long-lasting.

Is implantation procedure safe?

  • Yes, it is. For now it is the most advanced treatment technique, and statistically nearly 97% of implants successfully graft to the bone. It is not true that rejection happens often. Implants are made from titan, which is bio-inert and widely used in other fields of medicine (plates are made for bone synthesis, artificial joints, etc.)

Is it painful?

  • No, it is not. One anesthetic injection is enough for screwing the implant. The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes. Surgical wound is not big. The patient does not feel any noticeable discomfort during post-operative period.

In our clinic for implantation Ankylos or Straumann systems are used:

Sraigtiniai implantai, dantų implantacija, BioHorizons implantai, Straumann implantai, straumann sistemos Sraigtiniai implantai, dantų implantacija, BioHorizons implantai, Straumann implantai, straumann sistemosSraigtiniai implantai, dantų implantacija, BioHorizons implantai, Straumann implantai, straumann sistemos


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Danguolė Baltrušaitienė

Finished Studies of Dentistry at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in 1985. Since then has participated in various seminars and workshops in order to continue her further education an has a working experience as a dentist of 27 years.Head doctor

Alfredas Baltrušaitis

Author and developer of the project

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License number: OPL-03613
Interested in innovations and science literature.
Participates in Lithuanian and foreign conferences and symposiums.
Author of scientific papers.

Mindaugas Neverauskas

Oral surgeon
2000: graduated Kaunas University of Medicine, Faculty of Odontology.
2004: graduated the secondary residency for oral surgeons in Kaunas University of Medicine.
Member of Lithuanian Association of Maxillofacial Surgeons.
BOA (Baltic Osseointegration Academy) member/expert.
Participant of international congresses for implantology in Miami, Kiev, Bangkok, Madrid, Vienna, Warsaw, and Lisbon.
Qualification was improved in practical seminars in Moscow and Heidelberg

Gytis Valasevičius

Dentist, orthopaedist
2000: graduated from the Faculty of Odontology at Kaunas University of Medicine.
2000-2001: primary residency.
2001-2002: secondary residency at the Dental Maxillofacial Orthopaedics Clinic at Kaunas University of Medicine.

Vilija Lysenkienė

General practitioner of dentistry
Experience: 19 years
License No: OPL-01909
Every year, improves her qualification in international and Lithuanian congresses, various Lithuanian qualification courses, seminars, conferences